Oil resistance coatings epoxy anti-corrosion static conductive paint

Short Description:

This product is a two-component self-drying coating composed of epoxy resin, pigments, anti-static agents, additives and solvents, and special epoxy curing agents.epared by advanced technology, also have the high build type.



*Product Features:

1. The paint film is tough, with good impact resistance and adhesion, flexibility, impact resistance and abrasion resistance;
2. Good oil resistance, corrosion resistance and good electrostatic conductivity.
3. It is resistant to corrosion, oil, water, acid, alkali, salt and other chemical media. Long-term resistance to crude oil and tank water at 60-80℃;
4. The paint film has excellent anti-permeability to water, crude oil, refined oil and other corrosive media;
5. Excellent drying performance.

*Product Application:

It is suitable for aviation kerosene, gasoline, diesel and other product oil tanks and ship oil tanks and oil tanks in crude oil, oil refineries, airports, fuel companies, port companies and other industries.
Anti-corrosion coating for tank trucks and oil pipelines. It can also be used in other industries where anti-static is required.

*Technical Datas:



State in the container

After mixing, there is no lumps, and the state is uniform

The color and appearance of the paint film

All colors,the paint film flat and smooth

Viscosity (Stormer Viscometer), KU


Dry Time,25℃

surface drying 2h, hard drying ≤24h, fully cured 7 days

Flash point, ℃


Thickness of Dry film, um


Adhesion (cross-cut method), grade


Impact strength, kg/cm


Flexibility, mm


Alkal resistance, (20% NaOH)

240h no blistering, no falling off, no rust

Acid resistance, (20% H2SO4)

240h no blistering, no falling off, no rust

Salt water resistant, (3% NaCl)

240h without foaming, falling off, and rusting

Heat resistance, (120℃)72h

the paint film is good

Resistance to fuel and water, (52℃) 90d

the paint film is good

Surface resistivity of paint film, Ω


Executive standard: HG T 4340-2012

*Construction Method:

Spraying: airless spraying or air spraying. High pressure airless spraying is recommended.
Brushing/rolling: Recommended for small areas, but must achieve the specified dry film thickness.

*Surface treatment:

Remove dust, oil and other impurities on the surface of the coated object to ensure clean, dry and pollution-free. The surface of the steel is sandblasted or mechanically derusted.
Grade, Sa2.5 grade or St3 grade is recommended.

*Transport and Storage:

1. This product should be sealed and stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place, away from fire, waterproof, leak-proof, high temperature, and sun exposure.
2. If the above conditions are met, the storage period is 12 months from the date of production, and it can be used after passing the test without affecting its effect;
3. Avoid collision, sun and rain during storage and transportation.


Paint: 25Kg/Bucket( 18Liter/Bucket)
Curing Agent/Hardener: 5Kg/Bucket(4Liter/Bucket)


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