Anti Corrosion Paint System Epoxy Red Oxide Primer For Steel Stucture

Short Description:

Two component paint, it is composed of epoxy resin, pigments, additives, solvents, this is group A as the curing agent; group B is firming agent.




*Product Features:

. Film is hard and tough, fast to dry
. Good adhesion
. Water resistance and resistance to salt water
. Durability and anti rust

*Product Usage:

Used for steel structure, ship and chemical pipeline inside and outside wall, equipment, heavy machinery.

*Technical Parameters:

Color and appearance of paint film

Iron red, film formation

Viscosity (Stormer viscometer), KU


Solid Content, %


Thickness of Dry film, um


Drying time (25 ℃), H

Surface dry1h, hard dry≤24hrs, Fully cured 7days

Adhesion (zoned method), class


Impact strength, kg, CM


Flexibility, mm


Hardness (swing rod method)


Salt Water resistance

48 hrs

Flashing point,℃


Spread rate, kg/㎡


*Surface Treatment:

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of contamination. Before painting, should be assessed and treated in accordance with standard of the ISO8504:2000.

*Construction :

Base temperature is not less than 5 degrees Celsius, and at least above the air dew point temperature 3 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity of 85% (temperature and relative humidity should be measured near the base material), fog, rain, snow, wind and rain is strictly prohibited construction.


20Kg/Bucket , 4kg/Bucket


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