High adhesion anti rust and anti-corrosion epoxy zinc rich primer

Short Description:

Epoxy zinc-rich primer is a two-component paint composed of epoxy resin, ultra-fine zinc powder, ethyl silicate as the main raw material, thickener, filler, auxiliary agent, solvent, etc. and curing agent.




*Product Features:

1. The paint is rich in zinc powder, and the electrochemical protection of zinc powder makes the paint film have outstanding anti-rust performance;
2. Good mechanical properties and strong adhesion;
3. Has excellent wear resistance;
4. Good oil resistance, water resistance and solvent resistance;
5. It has extremely negative protection and outstanding heat resistance. When the electric welding is cut, the zinc mist generated is small, the burn surface is less, and the welding performance is not affected.

*Product Application:

Suitable for metallurgy, containers, ships, bridges, towers, oil pipelines, vehicle manufacturing, steel shot pretreatment lines, steel structure equipment surface as a base anti-rust primer, can also be used for anti-corrosion layer on galvanized surface.https://www.cnforestcoating.com/protective-coating/

*Technical Datas:



Color and appearance of paint film

After stirring and mixing, no hard block

Paint film color and appearance

Gray, the paint film is smooth and smooth

Solids Content, %


Dry Time,25℃

Surface Dry≤ 2h

 Hard Dry≤ 8h

Full curing, 7days

Non-volatile content,%


Solid Content,%


Impact strength, kg/cm


Dry film Thickness, um


Adhesion (zoning method), grade


Fineness, μm


Flexibility, mm


Viscosity (Stomer viscometer), ku)


Water resistance, 48 h

No foaming, no rust, no cracking, no peeling.

Salt spray resistance, 200h

no blister no rust, no crack, flake in the unmarked area

Standard of China:HGT3668-2009

*Surface Treatment:

All surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry and free from contamination. Before painting, all surfaces should be in accordance with the ISO8504: 2000 standard evaluation and processing.

  • The scaled steel is blasted to Sa2.5 grade, surface roughness is 30-75μm, or pickled, neutralized and passivated;
  • Oxide-free steel blasted to Sa2.5 grade, or polished to St3 grade with pneumatic or electric elastic grinding wheel;
  • Steels coated with workshop primer paint film damage, rust and white rust on zinc powder primer should be derusted twice, white rust is removed and polished to St3.

Other surfaces This product is used for other substrates, please consult our technical department.

*Matching Paint:

Intermediate paints or topcoats such as epoxy, chlorinated rubber, high-chlorinated polyethylene, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, acrylic, polyurethane, and interpenetrating network.

*Construction Method:

Spray: Non-air spray or air spray. High pressure non-gas spray.
Brush/roller: recommended for small areas, but must be specified

*Transport and Storage:

1, this product should be sealed and stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place, away from fire, waterproof, leak-proof, high temperature, sun exposure.
2, Under the above conditions, the storage period is 12 months from the date of production, and can continue to be used after passing the test, without affecting its effect.


Paint:25Kg or 20Kg/Bucket( 18Liter/Bucket)
Curing Agent/Hardener:5Kg or 4Kg/Bucket(4Liter/Bucket)


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