Fast Drying Acrylic Road Marking Paint Road Colourful Coating

Short Description:

Be composed of acrylic resin, special resin, pigment, filler and organic solvent.




*Product Features:

★ The paint film has a flat appearance and the paint film is hard;
★ The compression resistance is high and the weather resistance is superior;
★ The drying performance is fast; the adhesion is high.
★ Bright and long-lasting color; excellent hiding power; good adhesion;
★ Good wear resistance and short drying time; single component is easy to construct;
★ Durable and durable, good water and corrosion resistance.

*Product Application:

Widely used in roads, traffic lines, workshops, warehouses, stadiums and other places to set the line. Road marking paints are usually white or yellow for everyday traffic, fingering traffic areas, and traffic signs. This coating adheres well to asphalt, stone or cement and is resistant to traffic and environmental influences.


*Technical Datas:



Color and appearance of paint film

Colors and smooth film

Solid Content, %


Viscosity (Stormer viscometer), KU


Dry film thickness, um


Drying time (25 ℃), H

surface dry≤10mins, hard dry≤24hrs

Adhesion (zoned method), class


Impact strength, kg, cm


Bending strength, mm


Wear resistance, Mg, 1000g/200r


Flexibility, mm


Water resistance,24h

No abnormal phenomenon

GA/T298-2001 JT T 280-2004

*Double coating interval time:





Shortest time




Longest time


*Surface treatment:

Concrete foundation need after 28 days more than the natural curing, moisture content of < 8%, old ground to completely remove oil, dirt and scum, keep clean and dry and the ground all the cracks, joints, the convex and concave have been correctly handle (putty or resin mortar leveling)

*Construction method:

1. Acrylic road marking paint can be sprayed and brushed/rolled.
2. The paint must be evenly mixed during construction, and the paint should be diluted with a special solvent to the viscosity required for construction.
3. During construction, the road surface should be dry and cleaned of dust.

*Construction Condition:

1, Base temperature is not less than 5℃, the relative humidity of 85% (temperature and relative humidity should be measured near the base material), fog, rain, snow, wind and rain is strictly prohibited construction.
2, Before painting the paint, clean the coated road surface to avoid impurities and oil.
3, The product can be sprayed, brushed or rolled. It is recommended to spray with special equipment. The amount of thinner is about 20%, the application viscosity is 80S, the construction pressure is 10MPa, the nozzle diameter is 0.75, the wet film thickness is 200um, and the dry film thickness is 120um. The theoretical coating rate is 2.2 m2/kg.
4, If the paint is too thick during construction, be sure to dilute it to the required consistency with a special thinner. Do not use thinner.


Paint:20Kg/Bucket; 25Kg/Bucket or Customize

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