Velvet Effect Art Wall Spray Paint Multi Colors Internal Wall Coating

Short Description:

Velvet Art Paint is a unique, high-quality paint that imparts a luxurious, soft and tactile suede effect to surfaces.





*Products Description:

 Velvet Art Paint is a unique, high-quality paint that imparts a luxurious, soft and tactile suede effect to surfaces. The paint is composed of fine particles, environmentally friendly resins and special additives to provide excellent coverage and decorative effects.

*Product Feature:


The biggest feature of velvet art paint is its touch. After application, the surface formed by the paint presents a rich plush texture, like velvet. Not only that, it can also change the reflection and refraction of light, making it present different colors and visual effects. This provides a unique decorative effect for rooms, furniture, decorative objects, etc., giving it an elegant and warm atmosphere. In addition to tactile and decorative effects, velvet art paint also has excellent durability and abrasion resistance. It uses low-volatile organic solvents, which reduces the impact on indoor air quality and complies with relevant environmental protection standards.

*Product Application:


Its high-quality ingredients and advanced craftsmanship allow it to maintain its beauty for a long time without wear and tear and this makes velvet art paint an ideal decoration choice for special occasions and high-end environments, such as living rooms, bedrooms, conference rooms, hotel lobbies, etc. In addition, velvet art paint also has good environmental protection performance.

*Surface treatment:

The surface of the object to be coated should be thoroughly clean, clean and dry. The moisture content of the wall should be less than 15% and the pH should be less than 10.

*Product Construction:

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This product can be stored in a ventilated, dry, cool and sealed place for about 12months.


20Kg/Bucket,25Kg/Bucket or Customize.


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