Economical Price Popular Alkyd Enamel Paint With Customized Colors

Short Description:

It is made by the alkyd resin, pigments, additives, solvents and other grind by the deployment of paint from the paint. It is a glossy alkyd enamel which forms a weather resistant coating which is flexible and resistant to salt water and spillage of mineral oil and other aliphatic hydrocarbons




*Product Features:

1. Convenient construction, bright color, good luster and physical and mechanical properties
2. Good outdoor weather resistance;
3. It has strong filling ability and fast drying. It can be dried at room temperature or low temperature.

*Product Application:

As a general purpose finishing coat in alkyd systems on exterior and interior steel and woodwork in mildly to moderately corrosive environment. As a finishing coat in engine rooms including tank tops, main engines and auxiliary machinery.


*Technical Datas:






All colors

State in the container

There is no lumps when mixing and it is uniform



Hiding power



Volatile content,%


Mirror gloss (60°)


Flash point, ℃


Dry film thickness, um


Volatile content,%


Drying time (25 degrees C), H

surface dry≤ 8h, hard dry≤ 24h

Solid Content,%


Salt Water resistance

24 hrs, no blister, no fall off, no change color

Executive Standard:HG/T2576-1994

*Construction Method:

1. Air spraying and brushing are acceptable.
2. The substrate should be cleaned before use, without oil, dust, rust, etc.
3. The viscosity can be adjusted with X-6 alkyd diluent.
4. When spraying the topcoat, if the gloss is too high, it must be polished evenly with 120 mesh sandpaper or after the surface of the previous coat is dried and the construction is done before it is dried.
5. Alkyd anti-rust paint can not be directly used on zinc and aluminum substrates, and it has poor weather resistance when used alone, and should be used in conjunction with topcoat.

*Surface Treatment:

The surface of the primer should be clean, dry and pollution-free. Please pay attention to the coating interval between the construction and the primer.
All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of contamination. Before painting, should be assessed and treated in accordance with standard of the ISO8504:2000.

*Construction condition:

The temperature of the base floor is not less than 5℃, and at least 3℃ than the air dew point temperature, the relative humidity must less than 85% (should be measured near the base material), fog, rain, snow, wind and rain is strictly prohibited construction.


Paint:20Kg/Bucket(18 Liter)


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