Reduce Temperature Heat-insulating Reflective Coating

Short Description:

Heat-insulating reflflective coating is made of acrylic emulsion, titanium dioxide, hollow glass beads and additives. Coatings belong to waterborne single component, non toxic and harmless,the reflflectivity of the coating to solar heat can reach 90%, and the temperature in sunny weather is above 33℃,compared with the indoor temperature without heat insulation, the indoor temperature with reflflective heat insulation coating can be 3-10℃, and the roof temperature difference is 10 -25℃. The higher the temperature, the more obvious the heat insulation effect.


*Product Features:


Drying fast, good adhesion
Heat resistance, weather resistance is good
Good outdoor durability
It can be used in lower temperature condition.

*Product Application:

It is suitable for building exterior wall, steel structure, zinc iron tile surface,roof, and other places need to heat insulation and cooling

*Technical Datas:

Main Materials

Waterborne acrylic resin, waterborne additives, reflflective thermal insulation material, fifillers and water.

Drying Time (25℃ humidity <85%)

Surface drying>2 hours actual drying>24 hours

Re-coat Time (25℃ humidity <85%)

2 hours

Theoretical Coverage

0.3-0.5kg/㎡ per layer

Solar radiation absorption coefficient


Sunlight reflectance rate


Hemispherical emissivity


Change rate of sunlight reflectance after pollution


Change rate of solar reflectance after artificial weathering


Thermal Conductivity


Combustion performance


Additional thermal resistance




Dry density, kg/m³


Reference dosage,kg/sqm

1mm thickness 1kg/sqm

*Construction Method:

Spraying: non air spraying or air spraying. Recommended use the high pressure non gas spraying.
Brush / roll coating: must achieve the specified dry film thickness.



1. Base water content should be less than 10% and acidity and alkalinity should be less than 10.
2. The temperature of construction and dry maintenance should not be less than 5 , the relative humidity of environment should be less than 85%, and the interval time should be prolonged appropriately in low temperature construction.
3. Construction is prohibited in rainy days, gales and sand.
Stir well before use, add 10% water to dilute if necessary, and the amount of water added per barrel must be equal.

Heat reflective4

*Surface Treatment:

  • The surface of the primer should be clean, dry and pollution-free. Please pay attention to the coating interval between the construction and the primer.
  • All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of contamination. Before painting, should be assessed and treated in accordance with standard of the ISO8504:2000.


Paint:20Kg/Bucket(18 Liter) or customize.



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