Metallic Car Paint Uv Resistant , Anti Corrosion Coating Spray

Short Description:

The refinish series of double layers or three layers include light light colour ,silver,pearl color base coat,the metallic effect is obvious,quick drying,easy to sonstruct.

Substrate: Sanded and cleaned metal surface or all kinds of Medium Primer;800-1000 sand paper wet-milling or 400-600 sand paper dry grinding.


*Technical Data:

Item Datas
Color Fine Copper Pearl
Mixture rate 2:1:0.3
Spraying coating 2-3 layers,40-60um
Interval of time(20°) 5-10 minutes
Drying time Surface dry 45 minutes, polished 15 hours.
Available time (20°) 2-4 hours
Spraying and applying tool Geocentric spray gun(upper bottle) 1.2-1.5mm;3-5kg/cm²
Suction spray gun(lower bottle) 1.4-1.7mm; 3-5kg/cm²
Theory quantity of paint 2-3 layers about 3-5㎡/L
Storage life Store for more than two years keep in original container.

*Product Features:

•Quick drying and good leveling properties ensure.
•Good vertical stability and adhesion.
•Developed to form a strong pre-paint surface for all types of automotive refinish systems.
•Provide fine adhesion between coats and good sanding properties.

*Product Application:

1, It applies to thoroughly ground and cleaned intermediate paints, original paint or intact 2K paint surface. And soft based materials with an insulating layer.

2, It can be used for partial spraying of new cars or repairing of old cars.

*Surface Treatment:

Old paint film that has been hardened and polished, the surface should be dry and free of impurities such as grease.

*Construction Condition:

1.Base temperature is not less than 5°C,the relative humidity of 85% (temperature and relative humidity should be measured near the base material),fog, rain , snow, wind and rain is strictly prohibited construction.

2.Before painting the paint, clean the coated surface to avoid impurities and oil.

3.The product can be sprayed, it is recommended to spray with special equipment. The nozzle diameter is 1.2-1.5mm,the film thickness is 40-60um.

*Construction Method:

1.Spray as far as possible, special cases can be brush coating;

2.The paint must be evenly mixed during construction,and the paint should be diluted with a special solvent to the viscosity required for construction.

3.During construction,the surface should be dry and cleaned of dust.

4.Spray 2-3 layers, can be polishing after 15 hours.

*Package and Shipping:

Paint:1L Packed in a standard export carton,18 cans or 4 cans per box.

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