Internal And External Wall Waterproof Transparent Coating/Glue

Short Description:

The transparent waterproof glue is a new type of waterproof film adhesive developed by using special polymer copolymer as the base material and a variety of modified additives, showing a transparent color.



*Product Features:


1.The coating is colorless, transparent, and will not damage the original wall decoration effect after coating, and will not turn yellow, dust, dust, etc.
2.Heat resistance, UV resistance, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and a wide range of weather resistance; mixed with special modifiers and surfactants.
3.The coating film has good film-forming properties, strong adhesion, toughness and resistance to the stress generated when the base layer is deformed and cracked.
4.Using water as the dispersion medium, it is non-flammable, non-toxic, tasteless, does not pollute the environment, and is an environmentally friendly product.
5.Cold construction, safe operation and convenient construction. It can be sprayed, painted, brushed or scratched directly on the wall.
6. Low dosage and low cost.

*Product Usage:

1. Waterproof repair of external wall leakage of various buildings, anti-corrosion, waterproof and impermeable coating film of inorganic materials such as wall tiles, marble, granite, cement-based, etc.
2. Anti-corrosion and waterproof coating of inorganic materials such as cement, ceramics and glass.
3. Surface bottom, new and old roof walls, special-shaped structures, complex parts and other decorative surfaces such as waterproof (mildew) and anti-corrosion.

*Base treatment:

1. The surface must be flat, solid, clean, free of oil, dust and other loose animals.
2. Obvious voids and sand holes must be blocked with cement mortar, smoothed, and sharp edges should be removed.
3. Wetting the substrate in advance until there is no standing water.
4. The newly poured concrete should have a certain dry curing time to prevent the impact of concrete shrinkage.
5. The old concrete surface must be rinsed with clean water first, and painted after drying

*Product Parameters:



Technical index

0ur data


state in the container

No lumps, even after stirring

No lumps, even after stirring



Barrier-free painting

Barrier-free painting


low temperature stability

not spoiled

not spoiled


Dry time, h

Touch dry time




Alkali resistance, 48h

No abnormality

No abnormality


Water resistance, 96h

No abnormality

No abnormality


Anti-pansaline resistance, 48h

No abnormality

No abnormality

water permeability,ml



*Construction method:

1. Waterproofing of external wall porcelain tiles: the base surface is thoroughly cleaned, dried, oil-free and dust-free, cracks are repaired to eliminate the honeycomb pitted surface, manual brushing or high-pressure mist spraying is used to achieve full coverage.
2. Cement-based concrete: The swimming pool and foundation surface should be dense, firm and dry. The unevenness and cracks need to be scratched with waterproof putty. Generally, 2-3 times of brushing are sufficient. When brushing, pay attention to the first coating to dry and not stick to your hands, and then apply it again, and the brushing direction should be crisscrossed. The interval time between the layers shall prevail when the previous layer of the coating film is dry and not sticky, and the maximum coating interval shall not exceed 36 hours. Coat the joints of the material directly. In case of rainy and humid environment, construction is not suitable.
3. After the construction of the waterproof layer is completed, all parts of the entire project should be carefully checked, especially the cracks of the external wall tiles, and the coating should not have any leakage, delamination, edge warping, cracks, etc. Find out the cause of the problem and fix it in time.

*Transport and Storage:

1. Avoid sun and rain, store in a dry and ventilated environment. The storage temperature should not be lower than the compliance test temperature (-℃) of the corresponding specifications, and should not be higher than 50℃. Vertical storage.
2. Under normal storage and transportation conditions, the storage period is one year from the date of production.



20/5Kg Per Bucket;
Reference dosage: 1kg coating 5 sqm
Appearance: slightly milky white viscous liquid
Executive standard: JC/T474-2008


4waterproof coating

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