Industrial High Solid Selfleveling Epoxy Resin Floor Coating

Short Description:

Be composed of epoxy resin, polyester amine curing agent, fillers, additives and solvent.



*Product Features:

1, Good bonding strength with the base layer, the hardening shrinkage is extremely low, and it is not easy to crack;

2, The film is seamless, easy to clean, does not collect dust, bacteria;

3, High solids, one film thickness;

4, No solvent, construction toxicity, high strength, wear resistance, impact resistance;

5, Durable, can withstand the rolling of forklifts, carts and other tools for a long time;

6, Anti-penetration, chemical resistance, strong corrosion resistance, good oil and water resistance;

7, Excellent workability and leveling, with good decorative properties;

8, Solidified film at room temperature, easy to maintain;

9, Fullness, smooth surface, rich colors, can beautify the working environment.

*Product Application:

Epoxy self-leveling floor paints are used in places where high cleanliness, aseptic dust-free, stain-resistant and excellent chemical, mechanical, and easy-to-clean finishes are required. Typical applications for epoxy self-leveling floor paints include electronics factories, food processing plants, GMP-standard pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, laboratories, access, public buildings, tobacco factories, schools, hypermarkets, public spaces, and various types of factories.

*Technical Datas:



Color and appearance of paint film

Transparent and smooth film

Dry Time, 25 ℃

Surface Dry, h


Hard Dry, h




Acid Resistant(48 h)

Complete film, non blister, none fall off, allows slight loss of light



Wear resistance,(750g/500r)/g


Slip resistance (dry friction coefficient)


Water Resistant(48h)

 non blister, none fall off, allows slight loss of light, Recover in 2 hrs

120# Gasoline, 72h

 non blister, none fall off, allows slight loss of light

20% NaOH, 72h

 non blister, none fall off, allows slight loss of light

10% H2SO4, 48h

 non blister, none fall off, allows slight loss of light

GB/T 22374-2008


*Surface treatment:

  • 1. New cement floor: New cement floor usually needs to be maintained around, and it takes more than two weeks in summer. Ensure that the water is fully volatilized, the water content is ≤ 8%, and the concrete is completely.
    Solidifies to the required strength of the base layer.
  • 2, the old floor: whether the ground strength meets the conditions for laying epoxy floor. The base floor has empty shells or peeling, which must be completely broken and removed until the floor is hard and firm. The original coating needs to be tested, and it is compatible with the floor paint to be made, so as to decide whether it is directly applied or completely removed before construction.
  • 3. Damaged area: Before the construction primer, repair with epoxy mortar, and fully consider its bonding strength and strength.
  • 4. Ensure that the construction ground is clean, dry, firm and free of dust.
  • 5. The oily ground should be washed and dried with an organic solvent (Tianna water, xylene, etc.); if these solvents are not available, a layer of cement slurry can be directly thinned on top.
  • 6. Protect the corners or other areas that do not need to be painted to avoid staining.

*Storage And Shelf Life:

1, Store at the tempestuous of 25°C or cool and dry place. Avoid from sunlight, high temperature or high humidity environment.
2, Use up as soon as possible when opened. It is strictly forbidden to expose to the air for a long time after it is opened to avoid affecting the quality of the products. The shelf life is six months in the room temperature of 25°C.


Paint:20Kg/Bucket ;
Hardener: 5Kg/Bucket; or Customize.


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