Industrial Waterborne Epoxy Resin Floor Seal Primer

Short Description:

tIt is composition of epoxy resin, polyamide resin, pigment, additives and solvents.




*Product Features:

. Permeability, sealing performance is superior.
. Improve the base strength, excellent adhesion to the base.
. Good resistance to acid and alkali.
. Surface layer supporting.

*Product Application:

. Application of cement or concrete surface treatment before coating Floor paint, such as high strength
cement or concrete on the ground, the treatment of terrazzo and marble surface
. As primer for solvent – type exterior wall paint
. As closed primer for the surface of steel and other material

*Technical Datas:



Color and appearance of paint film

Light yellow or transparent color, film formation

Solid Content



Half gloss

Viscosity (Stormer viscometer), Ku


Dry film thickness, um


Drying time (25 ℃), H

surface dry≤2h, hard dry≤24h, Fully cured 7d

Adhesion (zoned method), class


Impact strength, kg, CM


10% H2SO4 resistance, 48 hours

no blister, no fall off, no change color

10%NaOH resistance  , 48 hours

no blister, no fall off, no change color

*Matching paint:

Epoxy floor paint, epoxy self-leveling floor paint, epoxy floor paint, polyurethane floor paint, solvent-free epoxy floor paint; epoxy mica intermediate paint, acrylic polyurethane paint.

*Surface treatment:

Completely remove the oil pollution on the surface of cement, sand and dust, moisture and so on, to ensure that the surface is smooth, clean, solid, dry, non foaming, not sand, no cracking, no oil. Water content should not be greater than 6%, the pH value is not greater than 10. The strength grade of cement concrete is not less than C20.

*Construction Parameters:

The temperature of the base floor is not less than 5℃, and at least 3℃ than the air dew point temperature, the relative humidity must less than 85% (should be measured near the base material), fog, rain, snow, wind and rain is strictly prohibited construction.
Recoating time

Ambient temperature, ℃




Shortest Time, h




Longest time, day

No Limited

*Storage And Shelf Life:

1, Store at the tempestuous of 25°C or cool and dry place. Avoid from sunlight, high temperature or high humidity environment.
2, Use up as soon as possible when opened. It is strictly forbidden to expose to the air for a long time after it is opened to avoid affecting the quality of the products. The shelf life is six months in the room temperature of 25°C.


Hardener: 15Kg/Bucket; or Customize


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