Hard Acrylic Court vs. Flexible Acrylic Court: Key Factors in Choice



Hard acrylic courts and elastic acrylic courts are common artificial court materials. They each have their own characteristics and scope of application. Here’s how they differ in terms of features, durability, comfort, and maintenance.

Characteristic: Hard surface acrylic courts use a hard material, usually polymer concrete or asphalt concrete. With its flat surface and high hardness, the ball rolls quickly and players usually get more direct feedback. The elastic acrylic court uses soft elastic material, and the court surface has a certain degree of elasticity, making players feel more comfortable when running and playing football.

Durability: Hard surface acrylic courts are relatively more durable. Its hard surface can withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions and is less prone to unevenness. The soft surface of elastic acrylic courts is relatively susceptible to wear and tear, especially with heavy use and adverse weather conditions, and may require more frequent maintenance and repairs.

Comfort: Flexible acrylic courts have certain advantages in terms of comfort. Its soft material can absorb impact, reduce the stress of athletes, and reduce the impact of exercise hormones on joints and muscles. This makes elastic acrylic courts more suitable for long-term and high-intensity sports exercises, reducing the occurrence of sports injuries.

Maintain: When it comes to maintenance, hard surface acrylic courts are relatively simple. It does not require frequent maintenance and repair, only regular cleaning and maintenance. Flexible acrylic courts, on the other hand, are susceptible to water accumulation and stains due to the nature of the soft material, requiring more frequent cleaning and maintenance.

In summary, there are certain differences between hard acrylic courts and elastic acrylic courts in terms of properties, durability, comfort and maintenance. Choose according to actual needs and usage scenarios. If you need more direct court feedback and a more durable surface, hard acrylic courts are the ideal choice; and if you pursue a more comfortable sports experience and reduce sports injuries, elastic acrylic courts are better options.

Post time: Nov-22-2023